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Giving Thanks

“In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”   – 1Thessalonians 5:18. Giving thanks in every circumstance is often not easy to do, especially when things aren’t going according to our plan. That was true when we had to postpone the Tim Tebow event TWICE due to […]

Dream Makers Business Luncheon

REACH Ministries is looking forward to GATHERING our community at Noon on October 26th to see Jim Morris take the stage like he used to take the mound in Major League Baseball and live out his boyhood dream!  Jim has taken the stage over 800 times around the world to let people live the dream […]

Are You Planning For Your Move?

When relocating to a new city, our thoughts, energies and resources begin to shift, and the future   destination becomes priority. A REACH men’s group spent time this week discussing the process of relocation. First, our minds embrace the shift from familiar surroundings to unfamiliar places where we’ll soon settle down, meet new friends and build […]

Did You Hear What They Said?

You might enjoy hearing some things being said by or about men who are Growing through REACH Ministries. First, a young wife whose husband, Matt, is being mentored by an older Christian man in REACH said to Matt, “I want to meet this man you’re getting together with!  When you come home, you always have […]


What if you’ve blown it BIG time?  Now that’s SOUR!  But what if you get a second chance and then nail it?  Now that’s SWEET! A famous Bible character who blew it, but got a second chance, was Samson the subject of our Men of Valor study this month.  In fact, his “do over” accomplished […]

Not Only, But Also

The decision to not only consider our own interests but also the interests of others will make a huge impact on stressed pregnant mothers, at-risk unborn babies and confused families in The Coastal Bend. The REACH Ministries Board of Directors had scheduled sports superstar, Tim Tebow, to be the keynote speaker for our outreach events […]

Loved.  But Not Feeling Loved.

It was early morning, and a bull rider, a medical doctor and I were enjoying our coffee while we studied the Bible.  Sounds like you’re being set up for some crazy joke doesn’t it? These 2 men had become Jesus followers a few months earlier, and wanted to grow their faith.  I had begun ministering […]

Medical Debt Freedom

Everyday 79,000,000 Americans choose between paying medical bills and basic needs like food and shelter. 66% of all bankruptcies are tied to medical debt issues.  25% of all US credit card debt is medical debt. To avoid high costs, 1 in 2 people do not go to the doctor when they’re sick. It’s easy to […]

A Great New Year’s Resolution

“Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.”   – Philippians 2:4 (NLT)   My eyes and ears and emotions were treated to a beautiful demonstration of that in real life from a source I had not expected! If you have followed my newsletter, I told you how the […]

Dream Makers Luncheon

Over 300 people attended the Dream Makers Luncheon at the Ortiz Center on Tuesday, October 26th to hear from former major league pitcher, Jim “The Rookie” Morris. This premier event was emceed by local NBC Sports Director, Alan Harwell who shared his own excitement in hearing from – as he shared – “the subject of […]

Your Debt Has Been Paid!

“We are sending this letter to share the good news that you no longer owe the referenced debt(s) to the provider listed in this letter…”.  That’s the first sentence in the recent letter to surprised recipients of our medical debt elimination ministry.  The letter continued, “Your Coastal Bend neighbors at REACH Ministries came together to […]

The Rooftop Prayer

The Navy’s aircraft carrier, USS Lexington, once projected the power, will and doctrine of the world’s most potent nation as she sailed against our enemies and in support of our allies during WWII.  Today, The Lex sits as a museum on the shore of Corpus Christi Bay telling the story of her past service and […]

Just A Coincidence?

Casey and his family were set to fly out of Corpus Christi and visit relatives when a text notified him their early morning flight had been rescheduled to afternoon. A later text said it would be mid-afternoon, and the last text informed them it would be early evening! As the family waited and thought about […]

The Surviving Pilot Tells His Story

Gathering our community to hear high-profile individuals share their stories of faith and success is the first aspect of REACH’s mission of Gathering, Growing and Giving. Toward that goal, we invited American Airlines pilot, Steve Scheibner, to speak at one of our mealtime gatherings which drew nearly 400 attendees. The response was so positive that […]

Small Faith GROWS UP!

Many people say, “I want to grow in faith!” Why do they say that? Because they have God-sized needs and have realized they’re not God. If that is you, then put on your running shoes and join me on a 5K Faith Walk. Let’s warm up first with a look at the awe-inspiring things God […]

A Surprise Audit

The long-awaited day had come.  I was reporting for combat pilot training.  There was no fear – only an exciting anticipation of military service and the hope of a flying career with good pay, fast cars and beautiful women. There was no anticipation of the audit that would come that evening when my head hit […]