The Rooftop Prayer

The Navy’s aircraft carrier, USS Lexington, once projected the power, will and doctrine of the world’s most potent nation as she sailed against our enemies and in support of our allies during WWII.  Today, The Lex sits as a museum on the shore of Corpus Christi Bay telling the story of her past service and glory.

On Sunday, July 25, 2021, the most potent force in the Universe was staged on the flight deck of The Lexington to project the power, will and doctrine of the Savior against his enemies and for his allies!  That force, hundreds of praying believers, had gathered to petition God for a renewing of his church in the United States so we, too, don’t become a museum of past glory but remain in the battle for the souls of mankind.

“I had reservations about the Lexington, but was bowled over by its perfect “rooftop” view of the city from the Naval Air Station to downtown to Ingleside across the bay as well as sitting at the gateway of the City.  Plus it fit the bill for the spiritual battle we are facing in our families, city and nation.”

– Comment from an attendee

REACH Ministries partnered with Rooftop Encounters and Awaken Corpus Christi as one of 8 cities in the U.S. selected to have a special prayer event during July. A couple who believes in united prayer paid the cost of The Lex, and everyone attended at no charge and prayed for our community as they looked out in all directions from their vantage point on the flight deck over 50 feet above the Bay.

Bob Jones, radio personality and pastor, gave a rousing welcome and call to prayer, and I was honored to speak about the importance of maintaining personal and spiritual readiness, as Paul urged in 2 Timothy 2:4, so we don’t become entangled in the affairs of civilian life but be ready to please the one who enlisted us. I’m so thankful that REACH Ministries was able to help gather our community in this way and I hope you will join me in continuing to pray for our nation.

Left to Right: Bob Jones and Greg Hood

Attendees gather for prayer














Greg Hood
Executive Director

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