A Great New Year’s Resolution

“Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.”  

– Philippians 2:4 (NLT)  

My eyes and ears and emotions were treated to a beautiful demonstration of that in real life from a source I had not expected!

If you have followed my newsletter, I told you how the paths of Troy, an 18-wheeler driver, and I crossed last year outside PetSmart.  As we got acquainted, Troy expressed a desire to grow in Christ, and every Friday when he delivers, we meet for Bible study and fellowship at 6:45AM.

When I told Troy that I would be in the Dallas area where he lives, and I’d love to meet his wife and family, he invited me to join them at Cracker Barrell for breakfast.

Troy and Linda and 4 of their 8 children arrived!  I learned, as we sat around the table, that all the children were adopted after Troy and Linda had fostered them. Christian, in a wheelchair, was adopted at 4 years old and is now 30; he’s unable to eat, walk, talk or care for himself!  Marcus, 16, is Asian and has a mental disability, Daniel and Haley, both teens, function normally.

The children were well-behaved and polite.  Linda said they work at it, and I asked what particularly motivates her to such sacrifice.  She said it comes naturally to her and she doesn’t know why others don’t have the same interest.

I hope Troy and Linda’s story might motive us all to think on the interests of others.

Gathering. Growing. Giving.

Greg Hood
Executive Director