Are You Planning For Your Move?

When relocating to a new city, our thoughts, energies and resources begin to shift, and the future   destination becomes priority. A REACH men’s group spent time this week discussing the process of relocation. First, our minds embrace the shift from familiar surroundings to unfamiliar places where we’ll soon settle down, meet new friends and build new memories. These mental affirmations lead to strong motivation and energy to tackle the looming tasks. We are unsure of everything to come, yet we still embrace the move with anticipation. Here is a question that might sound foolish, but I’d like your input.  Question: Why might a person, who’s going to move, give little or no planning to it?  Can you think of 5 possible reasons for that? The men’s group discussed a specific location to which we will all relocate one day if we have received eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ – we’re going to our new home he’s preparing.  Read about it in John chapter 14. So what preps are we making for that?  The men saw parallels in the 5 reasons for no earthly planning to no prepping for heaven.  Next month we’ll look at how to wisely prep for our eternal relocation.

Greg Hood
Executive Director