The Surviving Pilot Tells His Story

Gathering our community to hear high-profile individuals share their stories of faith and success is the first aspect of REACH’s mission of Gathering, Growing and Giving. Toward that goal, we invited American Airlines pilot, Steve Scheibner, to speak at one of our mealtime gatherings which drew nearly 400 attendees. The response was so positive that we decided to have him back at another REACH event.

Steve’s aviation career began with flight training at Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi where he later returned as a military flight instructor. Little did he know he’d return, again, to Corpus Christi years later as the Keynote Speaker for a REACH Ministries event and tell a riveting story from 9/11.

In 2001, Steve Scheibner was based at Boston Logan International Airport where American Airlines Flight 11 took off from and was the first plane to crash into the World Trade Center. Steve had been scheduled to fly that plane, but a more senior pilot requested it just hours before takeoff!

Later that morning as he looked at the billowing Twin Towers on TV, Steve asked, “Why am I still alive?”. Hundreds of people at the luncheon sat spellbound, fighting back tears as Steve’s story unfolded and culminated with his Life-Purpose Statement.

Steve continues to fly for American Airlines as a Senior Pilot on international routes.  He also writes and speaks for Character Health, an organization he and his wife founded after 9/11 to help parents raise their children with biblical character values.

You can see more about Steve Scheibner’s story here:  In my seat – a pilot’s story from Sept 10th – 11th

Please join us at a future REACH event where GATHERING the community is our pleasure.

Greg Hood
Executive Director