Loved.  But Not Feeling Loved.

It was early morning, and a bull rider, a medical doctor and I were enjoying our coffee while we studied the Bible.  Sounds like you’re being set up for some crazy joke doesn’t it?

These 2 men had become Jesus followers a few months earlier, and wanted to grow their faith.  I had begun ministering to men a couple of years before so invited them to join me, and we’d grow together.

Our group became close over the months as we learned the Scriptures and shared our victories and failures at trying to make applications.  During it all, we each felt a lot of love and support to grow into godly men.

One morning the bull rider said, “Greg, I’m impressed with how you’ve helped us grow spiritually, but I’m not impressed with you as a husband and a father!”

“Who do you think you are?  I’m the spiritual leader here!”  Those were my first thoughts, but I knew he was speaking in love.  Besides, I didn’t want to confront a bull rider, and adding insult to injury – the doctor had agreed with him!

I swallowed my pride and asked for an explanation.  They said, “You meet with men in the morning, at noon and at night.  When do you ever spend time with your family?”

That loving confrontation would force me to see that I was seeking significance from my career.  I was making life about me instead of serving God and fulfilling the priority to which he calls husbands and fathers.  By his grace, I made changes that have served my family, others and me over the years.

Greg Hood
Executive Director