Gathering Men

REACH Ministries sponsors events that gather our community to hear nationally recognized speakers share their stories of career success.  A unique aspect of each speaker’s story is how faith in God brought contentment and personal success that achievements did not deliver.

Growing in Faith

Faith in God is like a seed planted in good soil that grows with sunlight and water.  REACH supplies the water of Biblical teaching and the sunlight of encouraging fellowship and watches life-changing faith grow.

Giving Charitably

A product of growing in faith is giving charitably.  REACH Ministries has been privileged to support good causes including wounded warrior home construction, hurricane disaster relief, summer conferences for high school athletes, appreciation programs for veterans and police officers.  In 2021 REACH will eliminate $5 million of medical debt for needy families


REACH Ministries was launched with an evangelistic luncheon for businessmen in December of 2011 after incorporating as a non-profit organization and hiring its founder, Greg Hood, as Executive Director.

The first luncheon speaker, Tom Campbell, and his story were the early models of what REACH would become in its mission to gather men, grow in faith and give charitably.

Tom, a University of Texas football legend and future inductee into the Cotton Bowl Hall of Fame, related his story of faith in God to the initial lunch gathering.  It all began, he said, at an outreach luncheon when he heard an Apollo astronaut tell how his stellar career and world-wide fame had not brought him the happiness he expected.  Tom listened attentively because he, too, had not found fulfillment despite his fame.  The astronaut said that happiness and peace came only when he began a relationship with Jesus Christ so urged those present to also turn to Christ.

Tom said he eagerly followed the speaker’s urging and also joined a small-group Bible study to grow in faith.  While being mentored, he gained spiritual confidence to reach out to others and found it especially meaningful when he led his terminally ill father to be assured of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.  Tom’s wife and children were also beneficiaries of Tom’s new faith and became followers of the Savior.

Tom’s growth in faith naturally led to charitable giving, both of time and finances.  Fish For Life, a ministry to at-risk kids which introduces them to mentors and outdoor activities, became a favorite charity for Tom.

Since launching with Tom Campbell, we have continued to gather men at numerous outreach events, sponsor many small groups to grow in faith and give charitably to meet needs.

REACH Ministries has also sponsored the Leadership Prayer Breakfast since 2012, a community-wide event which gathers public servants and military leaders to recognize their service, pray for them and to hear a Biblical call to righteousness.

REACH continued to expand our ministry in 2017 by partnering with church congregations to provide strategies for building men’s ministries through seminars, conferences and small-group training.

REACH has also sponsored special events to show appreciation for police officers and military veterans who attend as honored guests at no charge.

Charitable giving has been an important aspect of REACH Ministries and includes service to other organizations such as leading studies for Coaches Outreach and financial contributions to wounded warrior projects, disaster relief, high school athletes, and mentoring projects for men.



Car Show

Saturday, April 24, 2021
8:00 am – 11:00 am

Annapolis Christian Academy
3875 South Staples St.
Corpus Christi, TX  78411

Car Show at 10:00 AM

Prizes for:

  • Best Sports Car
  • Best Muscle Car
  • Best Vintage Car
  • Best Classic Car
  • Best Classic Truck
  • Best Motorcycle


Breakfast & Bible Study

Every 4th Saturday
8:00am – 9:30am

Annapolis Christian Academy
3875 South Staples St.
Corpus Christi, TX  78411

Teacher: Chris Pinedo

Chris Pinedo is a practicing attorney in Corpus Christi. He has been active in leading Christian men’s ministry for several years and is on the REACH Ministries Board of Directors.


Small Group Teams

Join a 6-man team and execute the plays from Tim Tebow in his book Shaken. The Teams will form up after Tim Tebow’s appearance

Contact us to reservce a spot.

Leadership Team

Greg Hood
Executive Director

Joseph Cortez
Create Realty Group

Johnny Cotten

Gene Seaman, CLU
Seaman Financial Services

Keith Hood, DDS

Howard Irwin

Gregg Lindsey, CPA
Lindsey and Company CPAs

Jonathan Richter
Baytek International

Ty Gentry
Gentry Company

Scott Vaughan, DVM
Oso Creek Animal Hospital

Chris Pinedo

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