Just A Coincidence?

Casey and his family were set to fly out of Corpus Christi and visit relatives when a text notified him their early morning flight had been rescheduled to afternoon. A later text said it would be mid-afternoon, and the last text informed them it would be early evening!

As the family waited and thought about dinner plans, they settled on Chick-fil-A coupled with a scenic cruise along Ocean Drive to kill time before check-in. After getting the sandwiches and driving away, they realized there were extras in the bag that couldn’t be returned. What to do?

Casey was attending a REACH Ministries’ Bible study, at the time, and he was learning about “Traffic Pattern Evangelism”: taking the initiative to witness for the Lord in our daily pattern of life. The title came from my experience as a combat helicopter pilot in Vietnam, and I adapted it to explain we have a God-directed flow of life in which to testify of him to others.

It dawned on Casey and the family they could give the extra food to a homeless person on the way. “But on Ocean Drive?  Rich people live there!” was the thought. Casey continued driving, and as they were about to turn toward the airport, he saw a man holding a sign on the other side of the street. Casey did a quick U-turn and drove up to the needy man displaying a one-word sign -“Hungry”. When they handed the food to him with a message of God’s love and blessing, he was overcome with emotion and gratitude which was transferred to them, too.

While driving to their ON TIME flight, the amazing twists and turns were recalled that led to providing their hungry neighbor with physical and spiritual food. Just a coincidence? Or not?

Greg Hood
Executive Director