Manhood Got a Bad Name in the Garden of Eden Showdown

Adam should have stepped up and spoken as God’s representative to defend truth, protect his family and guard the estate over which he had been given responsibility.  He fumbled.

The first man’s apathy in this showdown negated qualities of manliness, such as courage, strength and servant-leadership.  Adam’s silence replaced God-centeredness with self-centeredness in his posterity.

But the Championship has not been lost!  The epitome of manliness, Jesus Christ, suited up and demonstrated humility, servanthood, compassion and submission in his showdown with and victory over Adam’s nemesis.

Jesus’ win in that showdown, and his buyout of our contract with Team Adam, flips the W-L column to a winning season for manliness.  We can be new men in Christ.

Has your contract been bought out yet?

Greg Hood
Executive Director

Search: GENESIS THE FALL for a replay of the biblical showdown. Be sure to read ch. 3, vs. 9, to see who was held accountable for the LOSS.

Search: THE LIVING BIBLE Galatians 3:12-14 for more information on the buyout